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January 16, 2013


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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 16, 2013, 5:53 AM
I'm sorry if this offends someone, because it's not what I'm trying to do. (The title is there just to draw attention lol.)

Since I became honest to myself as an artist, my inbox has become filled with complaints about my current style. And by "being honest" I mean giving up drawing "anime" dogs just because everyone else likes them - just for my need to please everyone and maybe even fame, unfortunately. (Sorry for my choise of words, I didn't find the right refinition to describe my old style ;; This one is certainly misleading because even my current style is quite animu lol) Even though receiving compliments from people can be nice, admittedly (so I'm not telling you that your comments wouldn't mean anything to me!)... Is it really worth lying to yourself? I think it's not.

I want drawing to become my job someday and for that I have to stop pretending something that I'm not. I'm not saying that you couldn't become an animator, for example, by drawing anime dogs but you can do that ONLY if drawing them feels natural to you. It's kinda hard to describe that but by "natural" I mean what you get when you put the pen on the paper and just draw. You don't need to erase anything thinking "oh no, this is not my style" - that's exactly what I was doing before I even understood the meaning of art. It's something you don't force yourself to do - well, somehow you just need some kick in the but to get working but when you find yourself with a style you're not familiar with... stop right there and be honest with yourself because by what you're doing now won't end well. At least I felt like I wasn't going anywhere. Like, I wasn't able to improve my skills and that was quite damn frustrating.

But no, the comments I told you about earlier are not usually just whining and unneccessary rage - actually, most of them are quite mature. But I just want to say that complaining about my style every single day won't make me change it, even if I kinda feel like it nowadays when I look at my inbox. I'm not trying to make you sound like guilty, because I kinda feel like it's me who should feel like one in this case. :'D So if somebody starts blaming even one who's complaining about my current art, the blamer her/himself is the stupid one. I hope you get it. ^^;

But I'm not telling you that your comments are pointless - because that's not true! After all, I think every opinion is important and you have your right to say them aloud. I've just get so many comments about this subject and because it takes so much time to explain everything in this journal to everyone, I think this is the best option in this case.
And, don't get me wrong, please. Constructive criticism is always more than welcome! I just want to make it clear that you won't get "my" old style back. I'm sorry.

And, if you don't like where my art is going at all, there's always chance to unwatch me. ^^

It's just... this is me and the pictures I create are part of me. And if I have learning something about life, it's that you can't change who you are, no matter how hard you try.

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mjlagrone Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
Just draw whatever the hell you want to. Period. If you want to experiment with different styles, then do so. I repeat: draw whatever the hell YOU want to.
reigisa Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i didn't know people were complaining about your new style. o-o
i still like your old styles, but i'm warming up to this one too. (the big paws are adorable and i just wanna squish them amg) i think maybe one of the main reasons why some don't like your newer style may be because they're just used to associating you with a super animu style, and that's what they've always seen from you and stuff. your new one is still pretty anime-like, you've just kinda toned it down a bit if that makes sense. xD
either way i still love your art and everything and idolize you quite a bit. uwu <3
puipa Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
reading this journal really made me smile, made me feel somehow even glad. :aww: what you wrote about finding your own style and that when drawing doesn't feel like it should when you try to make something onto a blank paper straight from your mind..i've been struggling with those things for so long without even actually noticing it myself, so this was such a relief to realize it by reading this. so thank you, kinda! :thanks:
and about you changing your style, first, i want to say that i totally understand. i remember your very very old art when i first started watching you here in da... it's so many years ago i can only nearly reminisce. :D and i remember how i loved your stuff back then. i also remember noticing how your style started to change little by little more animuish, and i thought that wasn't so much like you. but i still did love it. you've always been incredibly skilled artist, i want to say that! and though your drawing style has been changing, as all of ours does in some point, you've always had your own line in your drawings, if you get what i mean. i've always admired that how your drawings are so much full of life! and your work with copics and other kind of coloring, it is unbelievable in my point of view. i hope this doesn't sound just like some embarrassing hypetys (:D), what i'm actually trying to say is that it's fantastic to hear someone say how they've understood themselves as an artist. making art is a beautiful thing in this world, and should be used to express, not to impress. it's one of the rare ways how a person can really make concrete something from such a complex thing and a space surprisingly full of possibilities as human mind is. so it's also a great thing to cherish!
keep up the awesome work, jen! i wish the best for you :)
BOLTO11 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
Yahh you are true. I love more your new style! Gosh its adorable especially your fursona!
ArgenteusFox Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013
bravo to you good sir
GrumpyInsomnicat Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Well, as said before, I really like your new style. It's one of the most unique I've seen on here! ^^
AkaraY Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
honestly I don't mind the transition from "anime" to "toon" but in your pictures sometimes it works really well, but sometimes ou lose a little of the way you used to draw a little too much I think, I'm not saying you should change it I'm just saying sometimes in say your muzzles, especially with your sona, the muzzles end up so big they take away from the expressive nature of toon faces. its not really a critisism on your style as much as one particular aspect that takes away from the overall for me, being as a person who actually perfers toon to anime in the first place.
Aamukaste Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
Tykkään uudesta tyylistäsi todella paljon! Erottuu massasta ja on selkeästi omanlaisensa. Pidin myös vanhasta tyylistäsi, ja oli mukavaa seurata tyylisi ja taitojesi kehittymistä. Aluksi hieman hämmennyin tyylisi muutoksesta, mutta sitten tykästyin siihen todella kovasti! :) Ja jos jokin tyyli tuntuu omalta, niin miksi muuttamaan sitä, ainakaan vain muita miellyttääkseen?
Aiathefurrydoggy Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
It's so sad... how your drawing right now is so cute! I think u should draw what you enjoy the most.
Kurage00 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Student Artist
Itse pidin kyl kovasti sun vanhasta tyylistä ja myös vanhasta Jeniacista.
Ensialkuun se olikin aikamoinen ''shokki'' nähdä piirustuksia sun uudella tyylillä, mutta se lieni sen takia kun oli tottunu sun vanhaan, animemaisempaan tyyliin : D.Mutta missään vaiheessa en oo kyl mitenkään vihaamalla vihannu sun uutta tyyliä OuO!Ja nyt kun on saanu aikaa tottua siihen niin se alkaa jo näyttää paremmalta ylipäätänsä nyt ei melki enään muistakaan miten ennen piirsit XD
Samoin uusi Jen näyttää varsin suloiselta, ja oon muutenkin kyllä jo kerennyt kiintyä siihen >u<!
Näyttää kivalta ku teit siitä vähän yksinkertasemman, mutta perusta kuitenki pysy paikallaan, ettet kokonaan lähteny tekeen uutta designiä nun Saisivat kyllä painua hevon kuuseen ne jotka jaksaa sulle valittaasun uudesta tyylistä >:I Piirrät vaan siten miten itse koet parhaaksi ; u ;!
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